Synthphonia Suprema were founded in 1999 with the idea to give birth to a Metal band influenced by Classical music and, later on, by Electronic too. The supreme Synthphony: a trilogy of albums. This album, Synthphony 001, is the first chapter.

After 2 demos, “Maiden of Tears” in 2000 and “Synth Metal” in 2002 (still known as Nothing Else), the band was contacted by the producer Frank Andiver (producer and drummer for the first two albums of Labyrinth, No Limts with Fabio Lione), who offered them a production contract.
The debut album “Synthphony 001” long production began in 2003 at the band’s private studios and ended in the middle of 2004 at Zenith Studios under the guide of Frank Andiver.

The album has been released by Rising Symphony, and distributed by Self for Italy, and other indipendent distributions companies for the world.

Synthphonia Suprema had the chance to have Pier Gonella, from Labyrinth and Necrodeath, as special guest at rhythmic guitars in their album. The cd cover comes from a picture by Ken Kelly, designer for many album covers of Manowar and Kiss.

Synthphonia Suprema’s music connects Metal to Italian and European Electronic Music, creating a new sort of sound they called “Synth Metal”. To support this choice, they play with no traditional bass, which is substituted by an Electronic Bass by keyboards, and they use various effects on voice and guitars.

In the summer of 2005 Synthphonia Suprema took part in the prestigious Amnesty International Contest “Voices for freedom” with their song “My War 001”, first metal band in the history of this contest to get to the finals.

In the beginning of 2005 they produced their first video clip “Synth Metal 001”, then turned out to be a ltd. ed. DVD. The work for second album is already in progress.

At the moment, several live shows are planned for them; the most recent one was as opening act for Vision Divine, important Italian Metal band (ex- Fabio Lione’s); some of the next will be with other important Metal bands.